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During labour a woman pelvis and lower back needs to be free- moving. The natural process of automatic reflexes can be hampered if there are any restrictions in the movements. As well if a woman has had previous problems with visceral organs functions, or if the muscle tone in the pelvis region is not as it should be this can pose difficulties. Because falls, operations, infections and emotional shocks can remain locked in the memory of the tissues.

During childbirth the baby head and body are put under great stress and pressure which can stay within the tissues throughout childhood and later life. At this stage the bones are fairly soft and in the skilled hands of an osteopath problems can be recognized and treated safely.

Since childbirth can be a traumatic event for the child due to a number of things. Trauma can be because the birht was too long/short, use of forceps or venous extraction, breech or cessarian delivery, or if the umbilical is wrapped around the baby's neck or if it's cut before it stops pulsing. Symptoms to be aware of include the following: colic, constipation or diarrhea, continuous crying, difficulty feeding or a preference to feed on one side, excessive gas, gummy eyes, nervousness, restlessness or to much sleep, and stiffness in the neck (torticollis).

All the symptoms above may be caused by strain in the body left over from the birth, particularly in the baby's head (because of the unfused plates). And as mentioned before one of the most valuable ways in which an osteopath can help the newborn is by restoring structure of the head and body to balanced alignment right after birth.

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