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Strain experiences as infants can continue to be present throughout childhood and into adulthood as well. There are many grown ups who would not be suffering from the same problems if they had appropriate treatment as children.

Children will go to an osteopath with a range of symptoms and conditions, including the following: asthma, coordination difficulties, dental problems, digestive problems, dyslexia, glue ear, hyperactivity, speech problems, and also scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine).

Children because of the their smaller size in comparison to adults need special care and osteopathic treatment can be adapted to suit their body's needs. Correcting strains at a young age allows for the child to reach and express their full potential into adulthood.

It is important to understand that children with damage to the nervous system can be treated. But is limited to working with neurons that are live. Symptoms may be present in movement and/or learning difficulties. These may be helped in terms of management and improvement of quality of life, but not cured. An osteopath cannot give false hope and parent should keep an open and realistic about the outcome. Children will respond differently but with osteopathic treatment almost all cases show some improvement in the quality of life.

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