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At the time that a women becomes pregnant her body undergoes tremendous changes in a very short period of time. The curves of the spine change and posture is altered due to the fact that ligaments will soften, and because of the weight of the baby the center of gravity shifts forward. This gradual shift will increasingly put more pressure on the lower back, which becomes more noticeable during the last trimester.

Due to this pressure on the back, symptoms such as nausea and heartburn may arise because of the tension on the diaphragm and abdominals. The fetus will also place restrictions on the other organs in the cavity aswell as the related areas of the spine. Circulation problems such as swollen legs and varicose veins may also result from the increasing pressure in the abdomen. Overall swelling may be caused by pressure on the kidneys and also changes in bladder and bowel habits can be effected.

All of these problems can be helped by osteopathic treatment. Treatment given during pregnancy is very gentle and quite safe since effective treatment can be delivered (excuse the pun) because the ligaments are softer than usual. Because of this any existing restrictions or strains can be released and it is a really good time to receive treatment as the body in changing so quickly.

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