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Chiropratic and Osteopathy both originated from the US. Apparently the founder of chiropractic (Dr.Palmer) studied with Dr.Still for a period of time before beginning his own practice of medicine. Chiropratic stems from Greek words, chiro, meaning hands, and praktikos meaning done by. Literally translating to manual treatment.

Chiropractic medicine stresses the importance of central nervous system (spine) in health and disease. The nervous systems is seen as the basis of all problems. Chiropractors are more likely to be using X-rays in diagnosing the problem. They also focus on manipulation of the spine, directly adjusting it with rapid movements.

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy have a few similarities and differences which are mainly found in their philosophies. Either of them do not utilize drugs but rather manual treatment with exercises and electrotherapies. Physiotherapists have been working with Osteopaths in various cases. The profession has changed over the years to appreciate other treatment methods. They maintain that they are moving towards a more holistic approach to health and patient management.

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