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Osteopathic Philosophy:

The philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine , which guides the practioner, is based on the thesis that the human body constitutes an ecologically and biologically unified whole. Body systems are united through the neuroendocrine and circulatory systems. Therefore, in the study of health and disease, no single part of the body can be considered autonomous. The problems of health and the treatment of disease can only be rationally considered through the study of the whole person in relation to both internal and external environments.

The name osteopathy steems from the latin words osteon and pathos which translates to suffering of the bone. This name has caused confusion in the sense that people believe from this that an osteopath only treats conditions of the bones. However, the name was chosen because Dr.Andrew Still recognized that a well balanced properly functioning body relies on both the muscular and skeletal systems of an individual being healthy and well (the body is a unit and must be treated as such).

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