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The most important aspect of Osteopathic Practioners knowledge is that of human anatomy and physiology. They must have a thorough comprehension of all the correct functions and processes of the structures so that they may properly understand the normal and healthy body. An Osteopath must be able to palpitate and determine the causes of disease and suffering from the working relationship that exist within structures and systems.

Osteopathy and Orthodox medicine both have many things in common; such as they both require an in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, aswell as that they both use clinical methods of investivation for assesment. So they both share the same language of definitions and terms, however, the difference between the two is evident in how the patients are accessed and how the practioner approaches treatment.

In general the Orthodox medical approach in treatment is to look at the final systoms or ailment. This view looks at finding out what the cause is and then treatment comes about by prescription of drugs or even surgury.

Osteopaths will access the changes in function that have occured over a period of time. This is done to get a better understanding of the influence that have effected the relationship between struction and function that has resulted in the present complaint.

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